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The Hungarian representative office which located in Budaörs BWT Irodaházban is 100% owned by Austria Holding Lenze.

In our office the colleagues constantly receives and processes the customer needs and keep in touch with Lenze's production facilities in Germany and Austria.

Thanks to their work, you will begin receiving our products on time and to the required quality , to minimize downtime in case of a machine breakdown.

In case you install our products , setup may require assistance and education Application Service Engineer or colleagues are also available on the site.

The latest Lenze products and solutions for the territorially competent sales engineer colleague , it may at first hand.

You can help save you time in the selection of power transmission products and you can be sure that your application receives the most appropriate equipment.

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Lenze Performance Partner System Integration

IDM Systems Zrt. 

IDM-Systems is an industry service provider, with 100% of its shares hold by Hungarian entities. Our experts feature 15-25 years of experience in traditional industry automation, as well as in modern digitalization and IT technologies. They are familiar with medium and large enterprises, too. Our colleagues have contributed to TIER 1 and TIER 2 level international turnkey projects in the automotive industry spanning multiple years and gained international technology and IT consulting skills.

Meet new requirements by serving modern automation and machinery building demands. We’ve gained experience in several highly automated industries, especially in automotive industry (OEM, Tier 1/2), intralogistics systems (product and package transport in production), healthcare manufacturing. Renovation, transformation and improvement of existing production lines, equipments and intralogistics systems (brown-field investments) by minimizing downtime using virtual deployment. Developing collaboration-based design methods and toolsets of production lines, production cells and specialized equipments using virtual VR and AR production and machinery simulation solutions. Modeling and optimizing the entire production lifecycle for large enterprises (with a focus on Business Process Consultancy and Reengineering). The lifecycle doesn’t miss production optimization, internal intralogistics and stock management processes.

We want to support our customers in every step, tailored to their current needs, whether it is a typical control engineering or machine technology task, or the optimization of a complex production process using cutting-edge tools of digitalization.

IDM Systems Zrt. 
Budafoki út 187-189, (Building “A”, 1st floor)
Budapest, HU-1117,
+36 70 4770833


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