How much data does my x500 use?

The amount of data that your x500 uses is dependent on how much you use your x500. This article gives you some basic considerations for your x500’s data usage. Please use the links below for easy navigation:

  • Remote access data usage
  • Data usage for Cloud Logging

Remote access data use

The minimum

To determine the absolute minimum of data your x500 uses, we look at a scenario where you don’t push any new configurations, don’t upgrade firmware and have VPN turned off. In this case, you will need 15-21 MB per month to keep a connection with your x500 alive.

However, VPN is on by default. This is the x500’s VPN connection to the X4 Cloud. This is on by default for ease of use and because some functionalities, like the HTTP or VNC service, require the x500’s VPN connection to work. Having VPN turned on, even if you are not connected to the x500, results in a total of roughly 224-233 MB per month of data usage.

Additional data usage

Use of the x500, like pushing new configurations, upgrading firmware, using the HTTP or VNC service, establishing a VPN connection and downloading a new project to your machine, or other actions over the VPN connection, will result in additional data usage.

How much additional data is used depends on what you are using the VPN connection for. Making a configuration change will result in a very different amount of data usage than streaming HD video to monitor your machine performance.

Test your usage

You can test your data usage by using your x500 as intended for a week and checking to see how much data you used in the Usage tab of the Admin app. Note that this only includes data over the VPN connection and use of the HTTP and VNC service.

Data usage for Cloud Logging

When you use Cloud Logging, your x500 will use additional data. How much additional data your x500 uses highly varies depending on your configuration. The table below only serves as a rough estimate. Details about contributing factors can be found below the table.

Variables Interval Datapoints Data usage
20 72,0 sec. 1.000 dps/hr 100 MB per month
20 14,4 sec. 5.000 dps/hr 200 MB per month
20 3,6 sec. 20.000 dps/hr 600 MB per month

Contributing factors

amount of datapoints per hour you are logging (more dps/hr is more data usage), the amount of data variables you are logging (more variables is more data usage), the logging time interval(s) (shorter intervals is more data usage), and if you are logging data at different varying time intervals (more different intervals is more data usage).


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