100 Years

Elisabeth Belling

100 Years Elisabeth Belling

The future is made today!

Lenze is a family business through and through. Our dedicated employees are the companies' heart and soul, while the shareholder family sets the course. Elisabeth Belling is an influential figure who was ahead of her time. She would have turned 100 in October 2021. A very appropriate time for a special appreciation.


Elisabeth Belling was an impressive woman whose life story is closely linked to Lenze. Her influence is still reflected in the company today. Embark on an exciting journey through time:

Premiere in 1952:
Lenze presents the Simplabelt gearbox at the German Industrial Fair in Hanover. Left to right: Hans Lenze, Heinrich Grünbaum, Elisabeth Belling, Walter Schmitt and Alfred Belling.


Elisabeth Belling and Lenze - they belong together. Born on October 24th, 1921, the daughter of company founder Hans Lenze and his wife Clara, she married Alfred in 1944. Together, the couple had three children: Babette, Hans and Nikolaus.

She continuously guided the company on its path to the future and provided significant input. After the death of her husband in 1981, she decided to assume operational responsibility in the management. By doing so, she sent out a clear signal: Lenze is and will remain a family business.

She trained as a nurse in 1938, and this experience sharpened her eye for the concerns and needs of others. Her guiding principle was: "It's all about the people." In addition to her social commitment in the company and the region, she founded the Hans and Clara Lenze Stiftung. Still a role model to many today, she died on October 17th, 2013, shortly before her 92nd birthday.


The charitable foundation of the Lenze shareholder family has been supporting talented young people for over 30 years. The foundation awards scholarships to students in the fields of science, research, education and training. For more information, please visit:


Elisabeth Belling


Longtime companions and customers, Lenzians and their families, partners and suppliers - in October 2022 we expect many guests to celebrate this occasion. Join us on the way to our big anniversary on our social media channels by the hashtag #75Lenze

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