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Develop innovative solutions for operation and service of your machines and plants now together with us.


Digital transformation is necessary for ensuring that a company's own business model remains competitive both now and in the future. Just as importantly, it also delivers enormous potential for developing new business models.

Lenze.Digital pools the expertise of three companies, Lenze, encoway and logicline, and it offers you a broad portfolio of products and services that enable you to shape your digital transformation successfully and to generate new revenue streams. You will also be creating added value for your customers, which they will be happy to pay for.

The following five key points show you how your company can achieve digital transformation.

1. Competent project partner with a plan and transparent costs

We have a plan. Our agile project management helps you to develop and achieve your digital transformation goals. At the same time, we always remain focussed on the optimal solutions for your company in terms of the deadlines and budget.

2. Individual business models

Lenze.Digital does not merely scratch the surface, it dives deep. We go through an intensive process in which we establish your core competences and then work with you to develop innovative business models that are the perfect fit for your company. And after the implementation, we continue to work side by side with you.

3. End-to-end digitalisation of your processes

We always look at the whole picture. Digital business processes mean faster workflows and bigger quantities of data when you are working with your customers. To make sure that this obligation does not slow you down, we have to digitalise all the relevant business processes, step by step.

4. Correct and consistent data are just the beginning

We know how to prepare data lines and processes. We know everything about IoT gateways, edge devices and cloud platforms. But data are worthless without the right business model – which is why developing the business model is our top priority.

5. Expertise in industrial production and automation

There is a very close link between successful digital models and their application. The Lenze Group has more than 70 years of experience in industrial production and automation. We automate and integrate both existing and new machines into digital processes.

We have been named Top Innovator 2020!

You can find more information about the award in our News.

Digital Solutions: Added value with perspective for OEMs and end users.

For machine operators, the supervision of the operating phase of a machine by the OEM is added value which is becoming increasingly important. In this context, digital solutions offer the possibility of tapping into new turnover potential and strengthening profitability in core service activities. 

Together with us, you will develop your tailored digital journey and define steps for your digital offerings which are feasible and realistic for you – today, tomorrow, and in the days that follow. With our digital product and solution portfolio, we support you in every phase of this endeavour.

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Obtain transparency regarding the installed base and reduce expenditure for service activities.

With X4 Remote, we support you with a turnkey cloud solution in the areas of remote maintenance, data storage and data visualization, as well as condition monitoring.

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Remote Service and Condition Monitoring in the cloud as easy as that.

Machine and plant engineering has its own challenges. Customers are demanding more flexible machines with more productivity and less downtime at the same time.

This is exactly where X4 Remote comes in - our turnkey cloud solution for remote maintenance, process data acquisition and automatic condition monitoring.

With X4 Remote you design innovative value-added services around your machines and systems based on a cloud platform under your branding, e.g:

  • Online and telephone support for your service center based on live data as well as visualization and analysis of historical machine data
  • Central condition monitoring of machines and plants at the end customer by your service center (Condition Monitoring as a Services)
  • Production Quality Monitoring and Total Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) services based on a modern cloud platform


Develop tailor-made digital solutions for your business and service processes with us.

Help end customers optimize the operation of the machines and systems you develop.


You can derive predictive data models from the data recorded over a longer period of time.

A basis for new business areas and innovative business models.

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