Lenze relies on digital onboarding for new training and education year

Special times require special measures

Normally, an information workshop for the new training and education year is held at Lenze in early summer as part of the onboarding process. Those responsible for training welcome the newcomers, initial personal contacts are made and questions about the forthcoming training at Lenze are answered. Due to the Corona pandemic, the automation expert is switching to a digital alternative this year.

In order to bring the newcomers closer to the company even before the official start, the orientation event has been moved to the virtual room without further ado. In the video, which the trainees shot on their own initiative, the trainers have their say, as do the current trainees and dual students, who present their apprenticeships themselves and also give a virtual tour of various departments and the training workshop. With such cordial onboarding, there is nothing to prevent a successful start to training at Lenze, even in times of Corona.

The new training year and the dual system students will start at the company on 3 August 2020.

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