Connect to your machine

VPN Connection required
View our "Establish a VPN connection"-guide for details.

This guide will help you to remotely connect to your machine. You’ll need to make sure that your device is configured correctly:

  • Configure your machine

Once it’s configured correctly, you can effectively connect to it:

  • Remotely connect to your machine

Configure your machine

You need to configure the machine’s IP address and subnet mask correctly, and in some situations also its default gateway.

The IP address needs to share the IP range of your x500 but cannot match their IP address. The IP range could for example be “192.168.140”, meaning the last figure of the IP address can vary anywhere from 1 to 254 as long as it’s different from the x500 and all other connected devices. The subnet mask needs to be the same as the x500, which is usually If Source NAT is turned off on the x500 the default gateway of your machine should be set to the LAN IP address of the x500.

Source NAT
Source NAT is on by default in the x500, but can be turned off. Check whether it's turned on or off in the Fleet Manager, by selecting your device, and viewing its LAN network settings.

The exact configuration steps may vary per manufacturer. Please consult our connection guides to learn more. If your manufacturer is not listed, please contact the manufacturer for instructions.

Remotely connect to your machine

You have configured your machine correctly and have established a VPN connection to your device (your x500). This means you can now connect to your machine using your development or other software.

The exact steps vary greatly per manufacturer and software program, but the following applies to nearly all situations:

  • Open your software program of choice and attempt to connect to your machine in the same way as you would if you would be on-site. You may have to select the TAP network adapter instead of your regular network adapter.

If the above doesn’t work, please consult our connection guides in the left menu. If your manufacturer is not listed, please contact the manufacturer for instructions.

You are now connected to your machine!

Additional features

Does your controller also support other functionalities? Such as an HTTP or VNC server? View our HTTP and VNC service articles to learn how to easily access them.


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