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i550 protec - the decentralised inverter for demanding applications.

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Hard on the outside, same on the inside. The new frequency inverter i550 protec is exceptionally tough. Its IP66 protection class and NEMA 4X Outdoor makes it suitable for even the most demanding applications. Dusty or wet, it can handle it all. The housing protects the technology - and performance remains just as good. Its compact size means that decentralised solutions are now possible, where previously only protected control cabinets were available.

Frequency inverter i550 protec "Product of the year"

Our decentralized inverter i550 protec is Product of the Year 2021! We are all excited about being chosen by readers and editors of the renowned German trade magazine “Computer&Automation” to be the winner in the drive technology category.

Frequency inverter series i500 - A single uniform product family

The frequency inverter i550 protec uses the same tried-and-tested technology used in the control cabinet inverters. The i550 protec has the same DNA as the i500. The main features are identical: Modularity, scalability, compact design and excellent usability. Familiar options and tools make handling the device just as easy and intuitive.

Just like the control cabinet inverter, the i550 protec meets the IO-Link V1.1 standard - the first decentralised inverter to do so - thus simplifying standard set-up and device replacement. The scaled i500 series offers an alternative solution in both use cases and remains focussed on the essentials.

Technical details are available on the product pages:

Frequency inverter for wall mounting: i550 protec

Frequency inverter for control cabinet mounting: i550 cabinet | i510 cabinet

Highlights of the new frequency inverter

The advantages of the i550 protec at a glance.

The compact i550 protec can also be installed in dirty environments without the need to take any further measures thanks to its IP66 protection class NEMA 4X Indoor & Outdoor (for 30-75 kW: IP55 an NEMA12). The housing of the new frequency inverter provides perfect protection against the dust, dirt and water experienced in situations such as dusty and humid textile applications.

System integration is simple as the user guidance is identical to the i500 control cabinet inverter: convenient, either using a keypad, keypad app or the EasyStarter PC software.

The i550 protec is extremely compact compared to other decentralised solutions available on the market. The protec offers a power range of up to 75 kW. Mains voltage, communication, safety and diagnostics are identical to the i500 control cabinet devices. All in the family.

The i550 protec is the first decentralised inverter on the market to feature IO-Link. This new standardised protocol directly offers cost-cutting potential for decentralised installations.

No space in the control cabinet?

Your application – Your decision.

If there is sufficient space in the control cabinet, then you can easily install your speed and torque control in the control cabinet. What is good about the inverters of i500 series devices is that they are extremely narrow and can therefore be mounted side by side.

Is your machine modular and large? Are you short on space in the control cabinet and would like to keep the length of your expensive shielded cable short, install the motor in close proximity and minimise installation expenses?

Then the very compact design of the decentralised i550 protec is exactly what you need. Even the adverse environments often found in industrial settings are not a problem for the i550 protec. Featuring a high protection class rating of IP66, the technology inside the housing is protected against dust and the device can be safely cleaned using water jets.

It is of course possible to also use both variants in combination. Your application, your environment decides where you place the inverter.

First decentralized inverter with IO-Link

basic requirement for Industry 4.0.

IO-Link allows sensors and actuators in the field to be cost-effectively controlled, parameterised and also query a wide range of additional process data - a fundamental requirement of Industry 4.0. The simple unshielded three-wire conductor connection system and integrated device addressing make it particularly easy to use.

Further benefits include:

  • Controller-independent automation solution
  • Easy serial commissioning and device replacement while in service

The i550 is currently the only decentralized inverter on the market that meets the IO-Link Standard V1.1, which is a requirement to use the above advantages.

You also benefit from ASi-5

  • Low "IO field distributor" costs when ≥ 10 devices are installed
  • Flexible and easy mechanical integration

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