Frequency inverter for decentralised applications

Ideally equipped to handle decentralised drive tasks – the robust 8200 motec frequency inverters with a high degree of protection and available in the power range from 0.25 to 7.5 KW.

They can be fitted in an easily accessible location on the machine chassis close to the motor. Their power supply is isolated from the drive electronics via plug-in contacts. If service work needs to be performed, this involves simply slackening for screws to replace the heatsink together with all electronics. Integrable function modules enable precisely tailored integration of the 8200 motec into the control and automation architecture of your machine or installation.

The 8200 motec is related to the frequency inverter 8200 vector for control cabinat installation. Operations, diagnostics, functionality and drive behaviour are all uniform and consistent. This offers advantages for combined central/decentralised concepts. The unit is operated either via the Keypad XT control console or via a PC in connection with the convenient and free-of-charge GDC easy operating software.


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