Customized finishing solutions:

Zimmer Austria

Stripping and ironing machine for wrinkle-free results

„Lenze knows our products and supports us in improving our machines”

With production sites in Klagenfurt and Kufstein, Zimmer Austria is a worldwide leader among the producers of machines for textile and carpet finishing. Among other things, Zimmer Austria specializes in digital printing systems, flat screen and rotary screen printing, coating systems, steaming, washing and drying.​

Rupert Lerchner, Technical Director at Zimmer Austria, presents a newly developed stripping and ironing machine at ITMA 2023. The machine can strip off the coating of an engraved rotary screen. But not only taking off the coating, also small wrinkles can be removed with a water jet of about 2500 bars. This way, the rotary screen can be renewed afterwards and reengraved up to 20 times.​

“Zimmer and Lenze have already been working together for various decades. We get the support we need. Lenze knows the Zimmer products and the functionality of the machines very well and can therefore help us to improve them (…).”​
Rupert Lerchner, Technical Director at Zimmer Austria​


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