The robust and universally applicable helical geared motors are an axial drive unit and comply with efficiency classes IE2 and IE3.

Thanks to the helical gearbox, they have high permissible radial forces, closely stepped ratios and low backlash.


  • Robust axial gearbox in a compact design
  • Shaft dimensions in line with market standard and standardized flanges
  • Can be used universally due to the market-oriented modular system
  • Easy connection via terminal box or conventional plug-in connectors for fast commissioning
  • Can be combined with i510 cabinet, i550 cabinet and i550 protec frequency inverters

Technical data and features

Technical data
0.12 ... 55 kW
3 ... 14000 Nm
Maximum ratio: i=3240
2-, 3- and 4-stage

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