The slim and space-saving shaft-mounted helical geared motors with 5 adjustable fixed speeds are a simple plug-on drive unit for horizontal materials handling technology. They can be operated using a smartphone and run directly from the mains.

Thanks to the shaft-mounted helical gearbox, they have high permissible radial forces, closely stepped ratios and low backlash.


  • Slim shaft-mounted gearbox in a compact design
  • Shaft dimensions in line with market standard and standardized flanges
  • 5 adjustable fixed speeds
  • Integrated soft start function
  • Reduced wiring due to electronic contactor and motor protection function

Technical data and features

Technical data
0.47 kW / 1.36 kW
6 ... 2050 Nm
Maximum ratio: i=4640
2-, 3- and 4-stage

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