i750 multi-axis servo inverter

The ideal drive technology for sophisticated automation tasks

Efficient, precise, dynamic

Fast response times, absolute movement accuracy, intelligent algorithms, and maximum productivity are the basic requirement for competitive machine automation. With over 75 years of experience in drive technology, Lenze understands these challenges and is offering a powerful solution for motion control applications with its i750 multi-axis servo inverter

The full potential of the i750 becomes apparent when it is used in conjunction with our Lenze controllers, making it an indispensable element in sophisticated automation systems. Users benefit from maximum precision and a high throughput. 

Numerous functions combined in a single device

The new standard for controller-based motion

The i750 cabinet, when used in combination with modern Lenze controllers, tackles practically all 
automation tasks for dynamic multi-axis applications. The product range consists of power supply 
modules and single and double axes operated in the DC configuration. Key features are a narrow 
installation width
and extensive integrated safety technology.

Tailor-made and modular

Satisfy increasing machine requirements 
with a customized Lenze control. We do not 
scale the functions but rather the 
performance for maximum flexibility and 
modular machine concepts

50% less outlay for installation

Because there are fewer different
cables thanks to cutting-edge
one-cable technology, you gain 
time and also save space since
there are fewer connections.

Highly dynamic in all situations

With the MCS and m850 motor ranges, 
motor and geared motors with high-
resolution HIPERFACE DSL technology are 
available for a complete drive system in 
highly dynamic applications


Experts integrated into software

Pre-defined and tested software modules in 
the Lenze FAST Application Software Toolbox 
significantly reduce development and 
commissioning times. The Auto-Tuning 
function optimizes the drive in only 60 

Save space in the control 

With a minimal space requirement of just 50 
mm for a double axis (+ 50 mm for a power 
supply module), you save extra space in the 
control cabinet.

Protection for human and 

Even more extensive options to safeguard 
machine functions are provided by extended 
safety functions such as safely-limited speed 
(SLS), safe direction (SDI), and safely-limited 
position (SLP).

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