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Lenze FAST celebrates its 10th anniversary

Lenze FAST started out as a pioneering idea. Now Lenze FAST has become an integral part of efficient software engineering and makes the engineering process considerably easier for a wide range of applications.

Celebrate with us!

For efficient software engineering

Increasing digitalization enables innovative, connected software solutions and operating concepts. Thus, an efficient engineering process is increasingly becoming the key to success in software-driven innovations.

With Lenze FAST, our ready-to-use software engineering modules, you can build on an existing but flexible and easily expandable basic framework for the machine application.

In the concept phase, the service-oriented FAST software architecture helps you quickly arrive at your own robust and expandable solutions. The current requirements for machines in the direction of visualization, IIoT and cloud are even better met. The framework ensures interoperability with an OPC-UA-DI-interface. This enables the successive docking of beneficial services.

One example of this is Lenze's asset and error management, in which optimized access to asset information has been supplemented
with automated error management.​

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Access to our know-how that has grown and been tried and tested over many years
  • software architecture that grows with the customer, with a comprehensive and mature application toolbox.
  • All in all, this reduces software development times, increases the speed of innovation and lowers software development and life cycle costs.

Modular software architecture

With the Lenze FAST application software toolbox, you achieve modularization of machine functions and standardization of interfaces, which ultimately reduces the time, cost and complexity of software engineering.

Costs and complexity under control

Pre-tested, documented and reusable software modules lead to better quality and optimised resource management. This means you can easily reuse, expand and maintain software modules – efficiently, reliably and safely. In addition, standards such as PLCopen ensure the openness of our Lenze system.

Clear the stage for the Application Software Toolbox FAST!

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machine applications in the age of Industry 4.0. 

Modular programming

By using our software engineering solutions automation specialists can work the way they are used to – with a basic architecture.
The functions are encapsulated in the individual modules.

Basic Motion

Implementation of basic motion functions like velocity or position movements of an axis.

Central and decentralized

Enables the standard positioning and sequence control of an axis under a Lenze or third-party control. The motion control of a speed control, positioning, table positioning or an electronic gear is carried out either in the control or on the drive.

Synchronization and Camming

Implement the synchronization of various axis movements to realize cross sealing, cross section, electronic gear and electronic cam control of axes.


Implement applications like winder dancer position, tension or speed control, and distribution of a material across winding width.

Integrated Robotics

Realize coordinated axes control movements, up to 6 degrees of freedom on Portal, 2D/3D/4D/5D Delta, Scara kinematics, to perform pick and place applications on static positions or conveyors.

Storage & Retrieval

Automated storage and retrieval systems perform vertical and horizontal movements of travel units with hoists in inventory management systems used in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses.

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