X4 Remote explained

To better distinguish between X4 Remote’s increasing list of features, the new X4 Remote is split into 4 different X4 Cloud apps (not to be confused with a mobile app for your smartphone / tablet!). All are accessible from the Apps menu in the top right corner of the X4 Remote interface:

  • Portal
  • Admin
  • Fleet Manager
  • Studio



The Portal is your app for everyday use. You can use all of your devices’ services (VPN, VNC, HTTP) and easily manage your company’s users (invite, edit, remove).


The Admin, as the name implies, is your app for general administrator tasks. You can set your company’s identity (name, color, logo), define user roles, access categories and groups, manage your licenses, and view an audit trail containing a detailed company-wide event history.

Fleet Manager

The Fleet Manager is your app for managing your entire fleet of devices, hence the name “Fleet” Manager. You can create configuration files to register an x500 in the X4 Cloud, edit properties (name, description, location, groups), manage each device’s network configuration (WAN, LAN, VPN, firewall), add or remove device services (VNC, HTTP, WS), and manage the devices’ firmware version.


The Studio is your app for creating custom interface cards and pages for each of your devices. You can add components for remote device services and Cloud Logging to these cards and pages. You can even add your own custom components for functionalities specific to your machines. Your pages can be viewed from the  Portal app. Pages can be assigned to a device and access category in the Fleet Manager app.

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