Invite a new user

You can have an unlimited amount of users in your X4 Remote company. To invite a new user you only need an e-mail address. If the new user already has an X4 Remote account, he’ll receive a company invite by e-mail. If the new user doesn’t yet have an X4 Remote account, the invite will automatically direct to a registration page. After filling this page out, the new user will be added to your company.

Invite a user to your company

The steps below explain how you can invite a user into your X4 Remote company.

  • Open the Portal app, which is accessible from the Apps menu in the top right corner if you are currently in a different X4 Remote app.
  • Open the main menu, go to Users, and click on [Invite users].
  • Enter the e-mail address of the new user. You can add multiple e-mail addresses by pressing [Tab] after each one.
  • Select the access level, then enter the remaining details. See the table below for your options.
Field Description
Access level You have to choose whether you want the role to be applicable to all devices and users in your company or to a group of devices and users.

Each role is a combination of permissions and thus determines what a user can and cannot do.

You can manage roles here.


The user will have access to all devices in this group and the selected role is limited to this group.

Only applicable if the role is not a company-wide role.
You can manage groups here.

Add another role a user can have multiple group-specific roles. Use this option to add another role.
Invitation message Add a message to the invite e-mail.
  • Click [Send invite].

You can see all pending invites, that have not yet been accepted, at the top of your user list. There you also have the option to resend the invite e-mail or cancel the invite entirely (uninvite).

Invitation e-mail
The new user will receive an e-mail containing the company invite link. Check the spam folder if the e-mail hasn't arrived within 10 minutes.


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