Configure your company identity

A consistent branding strategy across all customer contact is vital for any companies marketing strategy. This is why Lenze provides several ways to configure your company identity for X4 Remote. You can make it look as if it is your very own IoT Platform.

We distinguish two levels of custom branding: basic and premium branding. Basic branding enables you to apply your own company identity (Company logo, custom colour scheme, etc.) to X4 Remote. Additionally, premium branding enables to make X4 Remote even more your own. You can set a custom URL and change the support information to your own product support department. All Lenze logo’s will be removed if you choose to use premium branding, allowing you to market our service as if it is your own.

Basic branding

Basic branding is available free of charge for all X4 Remote users. Basic branding enables you to set your own company name, logo, favicon, mobile app touch icon and colour scheme. Your custom branding setting will be applied through all apps of the X4 Remote and emails by Lenze. You can make changes to the company branding by following the steps described below:

  • Go to the Admin which is accessible from the Apps menu in the top right corner if you are currently in a different X4 Remote app.
  • Open the main menu, go to Identity, then select the branding entity you would like to customise.
  • The table below contains a list of the entities you can change.
  • Press [confirm] to apply the changes.
Field Description
Company ID The unique identifier of your company. You might need this for certain actions
Company name The name your own X4 Remote environment
Country The country where you want your X4 Remote environment to be based
Company branding

You can choose the colors and logo’s displayed in the platform in this menu. Your options are:

Company logo Upload your own logo
Detect logo colors Automatically add the colors of your logo.
Primary The primary colour. You can also choose the text colour.
Secondary The secondary colour. You can also choose the text colour.
Header style Choose the way you want to apply the primary and secondary colors.
Logo style Choose the background colour behind your logo.
Custom domain name The custom domain name that you can set up as part of our premium branding package.
Site title the title of the site that will be displayed in your browser.
Favicon The image that will be displayed in your browser.
App name The name that will be displayed when you add X4 Remote as shortcut to your smartphone.
App touch icon The design that will be displayed when you add X4 Remote as a shortcut to your smartphone home screen


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