Change device information

Individual device information can help in providing a clear overview of all your devices. This includes a device namedescriptionlocation, and groups. The next steps show you where to change this device information.

  • Go to the Fleet Manager app, which is accessible from the Apps menu in the top right corner if you are currently in a different X4 Remote app.
  • Open the main menu, go to Devices , and select the concerning device.
  • Go to Info and [Edit] what you’d like to change (details below).
Information Description
Name The name of the device. Usually includes the name of the project or machine for easy identification.
Description A description of the device. You can include any details that are relevant to the device, project, or machine.


The location of your device is used to determine the nearest VPN server and thus provide the best possible connection. If no location is manually entered, its rough location is automatically determined based on its IP address (GeoIP).


You can assign a device to one group for every group type that you have created.
You can find more info on groups and group types here.

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