Step 3: Connect to your machine

Now that your device is online, you are ready to connect to it. You will first establish a VPN connection to your device (your x500) and then you can connect to your machine using your development software and any other software you would normally use if you would be on-site.

Establish a VPN connection

Before you can actually connect to your machine, you first need to establish a VPN connection to your x500. To do so, you’ll need the X4 VPN client:

After installing the VPN client, you can go back to X4 Remote and connect to your device of choice:

Follow the steps in the above article and continue here once you have.

Connect to your machine

When you have established a VPN connection to your x500, you are ready to connect to your machine as if you are on-site.

The exact steps vary greatly per manufacturer and software program, but the following applies to nearly all situations:

  • Open your software program of choice and attempt to connect to your machine in the same way as you would if you would be on-site.


Unable to connect?

If you are unable to connect to your machine, using the same steps you use when you are on-site, please consult our Connect to your machine-section for detailed guides or contact us for help.


You are now connected to your machine!


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