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5 steps to your digital future

Digital transformation has evolved from a trend to a necessity for the mechanical engineering industry. The challenge is to strengthen the competitiveness of its own business model today and in the future.

At a time when the hardware and performance level of a machine are no longer the only features that influence the purchase decision, we offer you digital tools that secure your profitability and open up new strategic perspectives.

Customized digital journey

The digital transformation in mechanical engineering requires a well considered, step-by-step implementation and affects almost all areas of your company.

As an experienced automation specialist with extensive digital expertise, we always design your digital journey with your unique needs in mind.

Find out how you can achieve digital transformation in 5 steps and how digital after-sales services open up new perspectives:

This turns challenges into opportunities:

Rethinking after-sales service


We are convinced that the operating phase of machines will be at the heart of successful business models in the future. This requires you to rethink after-sales service. The spare parts business and efficient fault processing will be supplemented by productivity increases over the entire life cycle of a machine.

Fully realize the potential of digital after-sales services and integrate them sustainably into your portfolio.

Stay in touch


Connectivity is the basis for data-based business models. Make remote access and a permanent connection to your installed machine base the standard in your portfolio. Remote maintenance, condition monitoring and fleet management become a reality together with Lenze.

Working with and learning from data

Improve the availability and productivity of your machines in the field by creating data transparency.

Visualizations and dashboards support you in optimizing machine behavior and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Apply what you've learned in a strategic manner to bring machines, which are often only operated at 70 - 80 % of their capacity, to their full potential.

From reactive to proactive action

Proactively increase the productivity of your customers' machines. Identify components that cause machine downtimes, determine their service life and optimize machine processes and the use of consumables. With innovative condition monitoring solutions, the wear of bearings, belts or saw blades, for example, can be detected and monitored in advance.

Staying one step ahead of the competition

In the future, the continuous optimization of machines in the field and the use of fully software-based machine functionalities will be an integral part of business models in mechanical engineering. The secure development, management and integration of innovative software functions is a complex challenge that machine builders must face. Lenze supports you in this and provides an ecosystem with which equipment-as-a-service models can become a reality.

The right mix

The comprehensive functionalities of the Lenze Machine and Service Management Platform offer you exactly the right tools to generate new opportunities from the challenges of the market and ensure long-term profitability. Lenze always relies on the right mix of cloud and edge.

  • Remote Access enables the remote maintenance and support of machines. This reduces costs and supports service level agreements. Learn more

  • Reliable customer communication and problem tracking ensure higher machine availability from day one. Learn more

  • Solid KPI dashboards and visualizations help to implement productivity-enhancing measures. Learn more

  • The reliable integration and management of customized IT applications opens up the horizon for digital innovations. Learn more

Find out how you can profitably integrate our digital solutions into your machines.

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