Web-based solution for visualization

Modern machine visualization

Optimal "user experience" for smooth human-machine interaction.

Attractively designed and intuitively operable visualizations from the consumer market are increasingly raising the bar for machine visualization. Technically driven developments were yesterday: Today's design philosophy focuses on user-friendliness.

Machine visualization with a high "user experience" enables machine builders to contribute to smooth human-machine interaction and safe operation. At the same time, they meet the aesthetic demands placed on a user interface.

Lenze supports the implementation of user-centred visualization solutions with a future-proof web-based visualization offering. Core elements are the use of web-based client-server architectures, parameterisability of the displayed interfaces and a library of prepared visualization elements designed according to usability principles. ​​

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Implement a web-based solution easily

With the EASY UI Designer, you can implement web-based machine visualizations without any web programming knowledge. In combination with the FAST UI Runtime of the new c520, c550 controllers, we offer our customers a holistic solution consisting of software and hardware to implement user-friendly visualizations. The modern Web Panel v450 rounds off the solution perfectly.

Lenze webcasts on machine visualization

Lenze-Webcast #11: Modern machine visualization in practice: Brink & Lenze

Today's interactions such as wiping, zooming and swiping have long since arrived in the industrial environment. The present design philosophy focuses on user-friendliness and technically driven developments are increasingly becoming a thing of the past.

Machine builders want to offer their customers a modern machine visualization that enables an optimal "user experience" and thus ensures smooth machine operation and safe operation.

How can machine builders implement this in concrete terms? When are web-based visualization solutions the tool of choice? And what does it actually look like, the "perfect" user interface?

This is exactly what we talk about in this webcast with the machine manufacturer Brink and the web visualization experts from Lenze. The Dutch-based manufacturer of automation systems for the injection moulding industry has completely rethought its operating concept and implemented it with Lenze.

Henri Meijer

Manager Automation Department at Brink

Dr. Julia Jürgens

Software Developer at Lenze

Jannis Pille

Product Manager Automation Systems at Lenze

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