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Solution examples

Typical textile applications solved with an integrated automation platform consisting of modular software and scalable hardware as well as reliable drive systems.

So that your machine runs like clockwork: Yarn Spinning

  • Easy and precise control as well as modification of the yarn count, due to the use of servo systems in the stretching machines
  • Maximum flexibility with regard to bobbin shape due to recipe-controlled variation of the lift-to-wind ratio.
  • Greater productivity due to fully automatic and therefore fast adaptation when the material is changed
  • Energy saving due to optimised dimensioning and DC coupling
  • High degree of robustness due to compensation of short interruptions of the power supply
  • Always informed due to feedback of production data and energy consumption in real time

From standard to something special: Yarn Finishing

  • Flexible and modular machine design due to distributed, synchronised controllers as well as optional drives and I/O cells
  • Easy engineering due to verified application templates for the traversing drive as well as the drawing and thread transport systems
  • Cost-efficient temperature control with short set-up times and, thanks to fewer cycles, self-adapting due to integrated temperature controllers in the I/O modules
  • Best yarn quality due to highly precise control of tensile force
  • Innovative visualisation with database link for purposes of quality control and documentation

Always a clean solution: Washing

  • EtherCAT-Teilnehmer Easy control due to touch panel with visualisation - no additional PLC needed
  • Space-saving due to the use of a servo inverter with double axis modules
  • Cost-saving due to motors running parallel on one axis
  • An I/O system with temperature sensor card for temperature control inside the PLC; this makes additional hardware controllers superfluous
  • Use of an EtherCAT valve island, which considerably reduces the number of additional I/O modules
  • Remote maintenance with transparent access to EtherCAT nodes

For high quality patterns: Printing

  • Easy engineering due to uniform software environment for visualisation, printing roller drives and variable speed drives
  • Support of modular machine concepts based on a configuration for a maximum number of colours with optional nodes
  • High printing precision due to synchronised servo axes
  • High plant availability due to possibility of using an alternative printing axis in the event of a printing unit fault or failure

Easy solutions for complex applications: Stenter

  • Synchronisation of the axes due to easy parameter setting
  • Additional synchronisation modules are unnecessary
  • Integrated motion functions such as
    • CAM
    • Register
    • Electronic shaft
    • Winding
    • Dancer control
  • Easy integration into higher-level standard PLC structure due to flexible communication interfaces
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