Lenze Mechatronics

Products and solution packages with highly cost-effective processes

Mechatronic solutions from Lenze use open standards and interfaces to give you excellent interplay between the machine and the machine modules, across their traditional system boundaries.

If you need to perform a wide range of drive tasks, you will profit from our scalable and inter-coordinated set of mechatronic modules. And all the products come with reliable technology, long-lasting quality, and easy handling. This will enable you to reduce not only the number of drive variants you need, but also the time spent on your entire engineering process.

Our drive and automation solution specialists are always there to support you with innovative ideas, and they will love setting your ideas in motion, regardless of whether you want to optimise an existing machine or system or to develop a new one.

Easy-to-use products

We always strive to make our mechatronic products as user-friendly as possible, like our compact, our flexible i500 inverters or our g500 range of gearboxes, for example - and we do this both for machine manufacturers and for machine users.

Example: i500 range of inverters

  • i550 frequency inverters
  • i510 frequency inverters

Example: g500 range of gearboxes

  • g500-H helical gearboxes
  • g500-S shaft-mounted gearboxes
  • g500-B bevel gearboxes
Integrated mechatronic solutions

Our portfolio of solutions for decentralised drive solutions has taken another step towards mechatronic integration with the combination of the Lenze Smart Motor and the g500 range of gearboxes. This one single drive solution enables you to cover a wide range of applications and to reduce the number of variants you need by up to 70 %.


  • Lenze Smart Motor - one single motor for many applications
Deep integration into your supply chain

We are using the opportunities presented by digitalisation to make our sales and service processes even more efficient for our customers. This means that everything connected with our products - just like the products themselves - is becoming as easy and efficient as possible for you.

More about digital transformation

Device-centric IoT

Our intelligent products with the option of decentralised information-processing give you the opportunity to connect even simple mechatronic products safely to the cloud, making it possible to have futher monitoring and analytics services.

More about digital transformation

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