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Digital - Lenze in Turkey. As easy as that.

We drive your
digital business


Digital transformation is necessary for ensuring that a company's own business model remains competitive both now and in the future. Just as importantly, it also delivers enormous potential for developing new business models.

Lenze.Digital pools the expertise of three companies, Lenze, encoway and logicline, and it offers you a broad portfolio of products and services that enable you to shape your digital transformation successfully and to generate new revenue streams. You will also be creating added value for your customers, which they will be happy to pay for.

The following five key points show you how your company can achieve digital transformation.

1. Kompetenter Projektpartner mit Plan und Kostentransparenz

We have a plan. Our agile project management helps you to develop and achieve your digital transformation goals. At the same time, we always remain focussed on the optimal solutions for your company in terms of the deadlines and budget.

2. Individuelle Geschäftsmodelle

Lenze.Digital does not merely scratch the surface, it dives deep. We go through an intensive process in which we establish your core competences and then work with you to develop innovative business models that are the perfect fit for your company. And after the implementation, we continue to work side by side with you.

3. End-to-End-Digitalisierung Ihrer Prozesse

We always look at the whole picture Digital business processes mean faster workflows and bigger quantities of data when you are working with your customers. To make sure that this obligation does not slow you down, we have to digitalise all the relevant business processes, step by step.

4. Korrekte und konsistente Daten sind erst der Anfang

We know how to prepare data lines and processes. We know everything about IoT gateways, edge devices and could platforms. But data are worthless without the right business model – which is why developing the business model is our top priority.

5. Know-how über industrielle Fertigung und Automatisierung

There is a very close link between successful digital models and their application. The Lenze Group has more than 70 years of experience in industrial production and automation. We automate and integrate both existing and new machines into digital processes.

Find out more at Lenze.Digital made its first trade fair appearance at the SPS IPC Drives 2018.

You were unable to be there?

Then take a look at our virtual fair stand.

The easy way to remote service in the cloud

Your customers are demanding increasingly flexible machines with improved productivity. They need to rely on the machines and be able to respond promptly to prevent possible machine failure and production downtime.

Your customers are demanding increasingly flexible machines with improved productivity. They need to rely on the machines and be able to respond promptly to prevent possible machine failure and production downtime.

This is exactly where X4 Remote, our solution for remote access and condition monitoring, steps in. With X4 Remote, you … 

  • get your company fit for the future
  • provide remote maintenance
  • monitor your machines in real time
  • create high-quality data reports
  • analyse your machine data

Machine diagnoses are now possible from any location – reducing machine downtime and boosting productivity.

Learn more at…Lenze.Digital/en/x4remote/



Lenze.Digital pools digital expertise

Lenze – making automation intuitive

As a systems provider with solutions competence, Lenze works for and with its customers to create high-quality mechatronic products and packages, powerful systems consisting of hardware and software for successful machine automation, as well as digitalisation services in areas such as big data management, cloud or mobile solutions, and software for shaping the Internet of Things (IoT).

DOCK ONE – the digital innovation Lab

DOCK ONE is the home of the Lenze family's digital innovation projects. A dedicated innovation team examines and finds the digital business of tomorrow for and with companies in the machine and systems manufacturing industry.

Using the motto "from idea to business", DOCK ONE employs the most up-to-date methods to support the conception and development of ideas, business models and MVPs (minimum viable products) for digital products and services.

Read more:

encoway – Standard for Variety

encoway provides software for the multi-channel sales of product variants. The solutions designed by encoway for product configuration and quote generation are sure to boost the efficiency of sales and marketing in the machine manufacturing industry and related sectors.

encoway’s CPQ solutions ensure competent, market-oriented variant management that is embedded in IT infrastructures such as SAP ERP or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Read more:

logicline – Implementing your digital Business

logicline supports customers in the transformation of their digital business. logicline implements cloud applications, digital platforms and mobile apps and uses them to connect your customers, employees and products in a network.

For everyone from start-ups to champions – logicline drives your business forward with IoT and cloud applications.

Our digital products are tailor-made to meet your needs. Our apps, customer portals, service platforms or IoT products will drive your cloud business forward.

Read more: