Chain Conveyor Inline up to 2,600 kg

Drive task solved with:

  • Shaft-mounted helical gearboxes g500-S400
  • Lenze Smart Motor m300-MXXMAXX 080-32

That was fast. Now you have found your drive solution. What happens next? It's all very easy.

The product name of the Lenze Smart Product you have chosen navigates you through the next steps.

This page contains the following information and data on your Lenze Smart Product CCI-2600:

  • Product information: flyer with characteristics, fixing dimensions and electrical connection plan
  • Engineering data: CAD drawings, E-PLAN macros, dimensioning basics and mounting instructions
  • Engineering tools: software for parameter setting, commissioning and PC connection

Documentation: Project planing

EPLAN P8 macros


Project engineering manual

Lenze Russia - Head office

Product support

Documentation: Commissioning and operation

Mounting instruction

Documentation: Approvals and certificates

Certificates & declarations

Lenze Russia - Head office