Industrie 4.0: cooperative competence becomes the new core competence.

Mechanical engineering has always been characterised by a high degree of orientation to the customer, converting the needs of its customers into real technical solutions. With Industrie 4.0, possibilities and new facets offering new opportunities arise from outside the known-world of mechanical engineering. Anyone who cooperates with partners faster and more effectively and integrates these partners into their ongoing processes will always win in competition with others. Cooperative competence generates a level of expertise that has answers to end users' trends and the requirements that will be placed on the next generation of machines.

It creates technical solutions and innovations that bring decisive benefits:

  • What benefits are most important for you?
  • What technical measures have already been taken?
  • Where do your greatest challenges lie?

We look forward to talking to you about possible joint projects and perspectives for the future.

Industrie 4.0 – Cooperative competence becomes the new core competence.



Much more than just remote maintenance: Remote Services & Analytics offer added value for OEMs and end users.

Industrie 4.0 is based on the digital networking of machines, products and components - and people as well, of course.

We offer a reliable platform for remote maintenance. We use a connection that can be monitored in order to connect the service engineer to the machine. The machine operator thus has the certainty that only authorised persons gain access to the machine and do so only at the right time.

Much more than just remote maintenance: Remote Services & Analytics offer added value for OEMs and end users.



Undoubtedly, the most secure solution

The maximum security level "Financial Grade Security"

  • Encrypted data from the network to the cloud
  • NCP standardTransparent data exchange in the company network

Ready for the future

  • OPC-UA access to Lenze controllersPermanent data transfer to the cloud
  • All data are available for immediate or future analysis

Plant management

  • Monitoring of machine utilisation and availability
  • Track & trace info and productivity information
  • Monitoring of quality parameters

Remote maintenance

  • Worldwide data access
  • Remove diagnostics and servicing
  • Reduces all field service assignments by up to 80%

Predictive maintenance/Digital services

  • Predictive detection of potential faults on the basis of the "cloud data"
  • "Big data" as the basis for advisory services for the optimisation of production by the OEM