Easy machine programming according to industrial standards.


  • Access to all functions for the planning and implementation of complex tasks for complete machine automation.

Functions for the planning phase

Drive Solution Designer

  • Size the drives for your own motors

Functions for the implementation phase

PLC Designer

  • Parameterise inverters and controllers with dialog guidance
  • Use extensive application templates
  • Process projects and applications offline
  • Compare and document applications that have been created
  • Perform engineering tasks with many inverters and controllers at the same time
  • Graphically configure inverters with the FB Editor for the particular tasks of your machine
  • Program inverters or controllers for the machine tasks (logic and motion)
  • Set up complex processes, e.g. electronic cams or coordinated movements
  • Parameterise safety functions

EASY UI Designer

  • Create machine user interfaces

EASY Starter

  • Parameterise safety functions

Functions for the operation phase

PLC Designer

  • Update application
  • Speedy diagnostics (incl. trend record)
  • Perform engineering tasks with many inverters and controllers at the same time
  • Oscilloscope for the diagnosis and optimisation of fast processes (device-dependent)

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