Smart servo axis for effective and flexible production processes

Lenze has come up with a scalable drive solution for production and intralogistics systems. The combination of an i950 servo inverter, an m850 synchronous motor and a g700 planetary gearbox is easy to handle and facilitates cost-effective production, even for batch size 1. 

The number of axes that have to be controlled and synchronised is constantly rising as a result of the greater degree of automation and increasing degree of flexibility required in production processes. But this does not necessarily have to lead to greater complexity and less user-friendliness. Lenze, the specialist in machine automation, has come up with a package suitable for positioning tasks, handling and assembly applications, robotics, packaging machines and conveyor drives. It is easy to implement, offers the necessary freedoms in application, and has a positive influence on the effectivity of the production processes. 

At the heart of the solution is the smart i950 servo inverter. Its greater computing power and the integrated EtherCAT-Port make it possible to control multiple axes synchronously at high speed, enabling it to complete complex tasks. The i950 is a match for any operational scenario thanks to its three different modes of operation. It can be freely programmed or serve as an actuating drive under a CiA402 motion control. But the most common mode of operation will no doubt be with the use of the integrated FAST technology applications. 

These technology modules represent a broad range of functions that the OEM no longer has to program himself – instead, to be able to use the functions he just has to set the parameters. The commissioning tool EasyStarter helps him to do this with an intuitive graphic parameterising user interface. This makes it user-friendly and ensures that engineers do not have to be used in every phase of a project. “Technicians with a lower level of training can take over the commissioning with no problem at all,” emphasises Christian Bergner, Head of Product Management for Servo Drives & Motors.

The OEM himself can add to the FAST modules or adapt them for specific customers by using IEC 61131-3 in Lenze’s own programming environment, the PLC Designer, but the servo inverter can also be freely programmed. This flexibility means that the i950 supports the development of modular manufacturing concepts and the re-use of software also between the new Lenze servo and the Lenze controllers. At the same time, the i950’s communication mechanisms form the basis for smart applications such as Lenze’s own Asset Management.

The second component of the new “workhorse” in the Lenze portfolio is the m850 synchronous motor. It stands out because of the favourable ratio between the mass inertia of load and motor, which results in very quiet running. Despite the high mass inertia, it is dynamic enough to handle medium to high demands. The standard version is equipped with robust resolvers. As an alternative when great precision is required, multiturn sin/cos encoders can be used. The drive is available in three sizes, each in three different power classes that extend from 2.0 kW to 9.2 kW.

The g700 planetary gearbox is adapted for these motor characteristics and meets the requirements of medium-performance applications in terms of rigidity and high dynamics. There are 14 versions to choose from: as 1-stage, 2-stage or 3-stage planetary gearboxes in five sizes with transmission intervals of 3.0-8.0 to 6.0-512.0. Christian Bergner is confident: “Our smart servo axis is the concentrated answer for the demands made on machinery, electronics and digitalisation.” 

Lenze is presenting the solution consisting of the i950 servo inverter, the m850 synchronous motor and the g700 planetary gearbox at the Hannover Messe 2018 in Hall 14, at Stand H22.

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