33 new young Lenzians

The first day of your working life is one thing above all: exciting. Yesterday, 33 young people ventured their first leap into the world of work by starting an apprenticeship or a vocational degree with automation specialist Lenze. Whether they were interested in the technical or commercial side of the company, all of them had the same wish: to learn something new and to use their skills to shape both their own future and Lenze’s future.  Jochen Heier, a director of the globally successful group of companies whose headquarters are in Hamelin, welcomed the new colleagues personally and gave them some advice to help them on their way: “We are very pleased that you have decided to become part of the Lenze family. You will be working with wonderful, committed colleagues who will give you their active support in the tasks you are assigned to do. We ask you, too, to bring your skills and your motivation to our company and help to shape the future of Lenze!”

They came from different regions, from different schools, and they had never seen each other before, but yesterday they all headed for the same destination: the Lenze Forum in Gross Berkel. On the first of August, 2018, 17 apprentices, 14 vocational students and two trainees on a one-year internship all started their first day of work at Lenze. They had chosen a rich variety of professions and degree subjects, covering everything from commerce and business to information technology and mechatronics. Starting things off with a friendly address to calm the newcomers’ nerves, Head of Education and Training Michael Beckmann gave them all a “warm welcome to the Lenze family!” In the coming days, the new Lenzians can look forward to a varied programme not only covering important information such as safety instructions but also fun events such as a treasure hunt that allows them to explore the two sites at Gross Berkel and Extertal.

Lenze offers its employees a multi-faceted range of assignments and many opportunities for further training and development. The concern has over 3,500 employees and around 50 companies across the world, offering the chance to gain experience of working internationally. The growing amount of automation in production processes and the rapidly increasing importance of digitalisation – all part of Industrie 4.0 – are global trends that Lenze is already catering for with its products and services. This is also reflected in the training programmes – and it gives the new trainees a very promising, future-oriented start to their careers.


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