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Electroglobal company is one of the national leaders in the field of solutions and electrical equipment for industrial automation, drives and lighting systems.

Electroglobal offers engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning of the entire chain for variable speed drives and its integration into one automation system.

Electroglobal provides solutions for a wide range of applications, starting for fans and pumping easy applications to complex and state-of the art applications like accurate positioning or very dynamic application.

Electroglobal offers equipment required for electrical drives solution. Process know-how for development of the technical project will be developed according the customer needs.

In partnership with Lenze technology , Electroglobal company has implemented automation systems, from modern motion controllers for use in control panels through a decentralized I/O system. Great performance can be achieved in the field of machinery packaging, robotics and handling systems which, in many situations, present a challenge in terms of automation technology.

VAT NO.: RO 16571917
REG NUMBER: J12/2492/2004


47/16N Tăietura Turcului Street
Parc Industrial TETAROM 1
RO-400221, Cluj-Napoca
+40 264 406 203
Fax: +40 264 406 204


28 Ştefan cel Mare Street
RO-600360, Bacău
+40 234 206 208
Fax: +40 234 206 207


215 Mihai Bravu Street
RO-021323, Sector 2
+40 213 000 316
Fax: +40 213 000 317

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