#TogetherWeMasterThisChallenge: Part 3

Together strong due to the crisis - worldwide mask distribution

#TogetherWeMasterThisChallenge is the motto that has accompanied Lenze since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. Many challenges have been mastered in recent weeks and months. For example, some Lenzians have gone into the home office, others have had to come to terms with the tightened hygiene measures and distancing rules at the workplace. All have become accustomed to using digital channels for exchanges with customers and colleagues. Despite the ubiquitous "social distancing", everyone has also moved a little closer together - across borders and with a lot of understanding for each other.

Every day, Lenzians around the world strive to do their part to slow the spread of the coronavirus. To support them in their efforts to stay healthy and protect others, our Executive Board has provided each of the approximately 3,700 employees with additional cloth masks. With this campaign, Lenze is sending out a signal in view of the continuing rise in the number of infections and is appealing to everyone's prudence in protecting themselves and others and thus making a contribution to society. Lenzians around the globe have understood this appeal and wear their Lenze masks with pride.

Protecting the health of employees and fellow citizens remains the top priority and is at the forefront of the comprehensive action plan that Lenze has consistently implemented throughout the company since the beginning of the pandemic.

Thanks to the great foresight and speed of our crisis response to the pandemic, we have been able to maintain our business operations over the last few months despite all the restrictions - naturally in compliance with strict hygiene and safety regulations.