OEE & downtime tracking

Complex data transparently​ available

Transparency in Overall Equipment Effectiveness​

Minimize machine downtime and optimize throughput times​

Availability, performance and quality are the factors that determine OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). In order to evaluate the performance and availability of machines within a production process, the operator must be able to access the relevant data from components and machines. This is exactly where Lenze comes in, our OEE & downtime tracking provides transparency in the production process. And it does so without additional hardware or sensors.

Benefit as a machine builder

  • Prove the performance and availability of your machine quickly and easily: Relevant data is available in real time and evaluated immediately
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors:
    Meet your customers' demands for innovative solutions for the digitalization of their production processes​
  • Keep pace with the market in the future: Production data is a key factor for machine optimization and targeted developments

Fact-based production optimization on the basis of real data

Relevant data is available in real time and is evaluated immediately.  Thanks to this data, machine operators can stabilize or even increase their productivity - also because a distinction can be made between machine-related and process-related failures. In the event of a malfunction, action can be taken quickly and downtimes are reduced. Historical data remains available and can also be used for analysis and optimization.

Fully scalable solution from the controller to the cloud

OEE calculation and downtime tracking will take the digitalization of production one step further. Both solutions are easy to implement and work perfectly with the Automation System from Lenze. Furthermore, no additional components are required; the OEE is calculated in the controller. The cloud connection offers further possibilities, especially in the context of Industrie 4.0 and digitalization.​

Our solution in detail:​

  • OEE is calculated in the control system
  • Live data appears on an HMI - even without cloud connection. With cloud connection, historical data is available​
  • Results are visualized on preconfigured dashboards. With the Lenze EASY UI Designer, there is also the option of configuring the visualization​
  • For communication, we rely on OPC UA and MQTT, thus ensuring connectivity for future technologies
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