Mastering intralogistical challenges together

Automation solutions for intralogistics​

When it's all about automated warehouses and the matching drive solution for warehouse logistics.

Different sectors such as wholesale and retail, fashion, food and beverages place varying demands on the automation of a warehouse. High speed, cost efficiency as well as maximum safety, energy efficiency and digitalisation concepts are in high demand.

With Lenze, you can realise the essential advantages of an automated warehouse. As a leading drive and automation specialist, we not only provide a broad product portfolio for implementing the often complex tasks in warehouse logistics, but also an international team of experts. In this way, you can be sure to benefit from years of industry experience and the latest know-how in the automation of intralogistics. Together, we develop individual solutions to meet your intralogistics challenges.

Horizontal conveyor technology

The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of an automated storage system is determined not least by the conveyor technology used. Whether pallet conveyor technology or box conveyor technology - our drive solutions for intralogistics are more than up to even the greatest challenges.

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Storage and retrieval machine

Storage and retrieval machines are the star of automated high-bay warehouses for retail goods and freight. Learn more about the essential factors in the design of the drive system: reliability, availability, high handling performance, costs per pick and optimum space utilisation.

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Actualités Lenze en Intralogistique

Nous aimerions vous présenter quelque fois par an des solutions et des approches pratiques en mettant l'accent sur les possibilités que la Transformation Numérique peut créer dans le domaine de l'Intralogistique - une question de plus en plus pertinente. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant et construisez les bases de votre Transformation Numérique pour en profiter sans tarder.

What is intralogistics?

Intralogistics is the term used to describe all flows of goods that are transported within a warehouse or company premises as well as the organization, control, implementation and optimization of this internal material flow. The more complex the transport, the more one speaks of intralogistics systems – whether in a warehouse or an airport.