Airport applications for baggage logistics and cargo traffic

Automation solutions for airport logistics

When baggage and cargo have to be transported and stored.

Airport logistics place a wide variety of demands on transport and warehouse logistics. Different sectors  play a central role in the overall process. The demands range from high speed and energy efficiency, to maximum safety and availability.

We accompany you with an international team of experts who have years of industry experience and know-how in the creation of airport-specific automated systems. We work with you to determine a perfect drive solution tailored to your needs, considering IATA (International Air Transport Association) conformity.

Solution packages for baggage logistics

Baggage Handling Systems (BHS)

Baggage handling systems require high speed, cost efficiency, maximum safety, energy efficiency, and economy. Baggage handling systems must be particularly flexible, and of tremendous speed in order to increase the efficiency of baggage handling and ensure good service for passengers.


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Solution packages for cargo logistics

Cargo Handling Systems (CHS)

Storage and retrieval vehicles (ETV/SRU) and transfer vehicles are used in the cargo handling sector. They store and retrieve Unit Load Devices (ULD) capacities with payloads of up to 12t. Horizontal conveyor technologies, such as roller conveyors or corner transfer units are used for the transportation of goods and are further used in the context of the storage and retrieval process.


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Airport logistics defined

The term airport logistics covers all tasks associated with the transport of goods at the airport. This includes ground handling - when goods (e.g. baggage) are transported to the relevant airport destination in a flexible manner, while always taking into account their condition. Airport logistics play a central role in the competitiveness of airlines. Airport logistics is responsible for designing and controlling operational service provision processes at an airport.

Lenze's drive and automation solutions for airport logistics are used primarily in baggage and freight logistics.