Discover the highlights of our new website.

Here is the new Lenze Website!

Discover the highlights.

In line with the advance of digitalization, we are changing the Lenze website. Our new web design reflects digital transformation and it also represents an important step on our way there.

The new website has a surprising new look and feel to it, and there are many improved functions.

We want you to be able to enjoy all the benefits of the new website, so let us take you on a quick tour of the highlights.


Product information, all on one page

  • See all the product-related pictures, descriptions, documentation and contact information at a glance
  • Configure your product directly in the EASY Product Finder

Further information on products

At the top of the product page you will find the product description with the appropriate picture.

In the middle of the page you will find a number of relevant documents that you can download.

At the side of the page you will find your contact person with all their contact details.

Just by clicking on “EASY Product Finder” you can configure your product online.

Under the heading “Product Support” you will find a number of documents ready for download. They are ordered according to engineering phase and language so you can quickly find the right document.

The relevant contact person and all their contact details are listed at the side of the page.


Find the right contact person quickly

  • The filter options help you to quickly find the right contact person anywhere in the world
  • You can see all the contact information at a glance
  • Use the contact form to contact us quickly and easily

Further information on Contact

The menu item “Contact” gives you all the contacts, worldwide.

The filter options enable you to select the country you need and the function of your contact person.

Underneath the filter options you will find a list of the contacts and their contact details, making it easy to get in touch with them quickly.


Our brainware, ready to download

  • Useful information covering Industry 4.0 and digitalization
  • Just submit the registration form to get a link to the Lenze Whitepapers

Further information on Whitepapers

Just enter your name and your e-mail address in the form below, select the whitepapers you are interested in, and you will receive links to your selection by e-mail – as easy as that.

Knowledge Base

All the documentation in a useful overview

  • Find all the product-related documentation in one place
  • For all the active products and their predecessors

Further information on the Knowledge Base

You can find the Knowledge Base under “Service”.

A drop-down menu allows you to select a product. All the available documentation is then listed below. You can open the documentation by clicking on the relevant blue language symbol.

Here you will find flyers, brochures, catalogs, handbooks, EPLAN macros and CAD drawings.


Orientation made easy

  • The clear, new menu navigation system, the highlighting of selected areas and the preview pictures make it easy to find what you are looking for
  • 4 menu items for a clearer overview

Further information on Navigation

The flexible megamenu has only four headings and it opens up in line with your selection.

The color highlighting in the megamenu shows you where you are. The blue buttons will return you to the previous point whenever you want.

When you move over one of the points, you will be shown preview pictures.

All of this keeps you in the picture and enables you to find your way around quickly and easily.


User-friendly design

  • A picture carousel on the home page presents the most important topics
  • Intuitive and modern design

Further information on Layout

The carousel of pictures on the home page moves automatically across the header.

But with the help of the arrow buttons < > you can also browse through the sequence of pictures and topics.

By clicking on the Pause/Play button you can stop the carousel moving or start it again.

The tiles on the home page provide an overview of other interesting topics.

Click on a blue button and you will be taken straight to the relevant page.

The contents are listed clearly, one under another. Clicking on the highlighted blue +/- symbols will reveal more detailed information and then reduce it to a summary again.

Responsive Design

Display that adapts to all mobile devices

  • The website display is optimised for your desktop PC, tablet or smartphone
  • So all the functions can be used on all your devices 

Further information on Responsive Design

Tapping the menu symbol in the top right corner opens the menu.

On mobile devices, the menu items are listed under each other to save space.

Discover our highlights and lot more by exploring our website on your own.