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About SA Power

SA Power Services Pty Ltd was founded in 1969 and is now a company with offices around the country. Group companies are located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. This allows us to offer sales, service and technical support throughout South Africa. Through our Johannesburg office we provide service and technical support into Sub-Saharan Africa.

SA Power has been a strong partner with Lenze as their agents since 1969. This has given us over 40 years of Lenze product, system and application know-how. We can supply the complete range of Lenze quality automation products.

We have the advantage of many years of product and application experience. Our engineering expertise ranges from system design, panel design and manufacturing, software design and programming, systems installation through to the final machine commissioning. We also have experience and can offer solutions with the integration of Lenze and 3rd party control systems.

In the same way that we have a strong partnership with Lenze, our approach is to establish strong and reliable partnerships with our customers. Our engineering and product experience allow us to provide our customers with complete system solutions from one supplier. This ensures that our customers get working systems at competitive prices using the latest technology supported in South Africa.

We have technicians in all regions to provide technical and service support. At our repair facilities in Johannesburg we are able repair mechanical and electronic equipment down to component level. This is supported by extensive spares stockholding. Our technical staff are also regularly trained at Lenze to maintain our high levels of expertise.

We offer training to our customers. Common training programs are for site technicians requiring diagnostic and basic support training. Programming at higher level training is arranged as required.

We look forward to your contact with us so that we can find the suitable solution for your system or application.

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