Lenze Smart Products keep the world moving – and your conveyor

By using our Lenze Smart Products, you benefit from a drive solution that has been tried and tested a thousand times in horizontal materials-handling systems, achieving your goals in a faster, safer way. You receive turnkey solutions tailored to your specific tasks - quickly delivered, future-proof and easy to integrate.

If you are in agreement here ...

  • You are looking for an "easy" solution that can be integrated into your machine?
  • You want to save time and costs?
  • You dislike time-consuming efforts to eliminate errors and problems?
  • You expect fast and uncomplicated delivery?
  • You prefer a streamlined process for the implementation of your machine concept?
  • You have to meet all your machine's energy efficiency class requirements?
  • You want to use your solution worldwide?

... then we have what you need.

  1. Choose a conveying system
  2. Choose the version
  3. Choose the payload
  4. Choose the Lenze Smart Product

... and that's it.

Lenze Smart Products for chain conveyors

Chain Conveyor Inline (CCI)
Chain Conveyor Outline (CCO)
up to 1300 kg
Lenze Smart Product CCI-1300 Lenze Smart Product CCO-1300
up to 2600 kg
Lenze Smart Product CCI-2600 Lenze Smart Product CCO-2600
up to 4000 kg
Lenze Smart Product CCI-4000 Lenze Smart Product CCO-4000
up to 5200 kg
Lenze Smart Product CCI-5200 Lenze Smart Product CCO-5200

Lenze Smart Products for roller conveyors

Version/ payloadRoller Conveyor Inline (RCI)Roller Conveyor Outline (RCO)
up to 2000 kgLenze Smart Product RCI-2000Lenze Smart Product RCO-2000
up to 4000 kgLenze Smart Product RCI-4000Lenze Smart Product RCO-4000
up to 5200 kgLenze Smart Product RCI-5200Lenze Smart Product RCO-5200

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