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Tailor-made solutions for your intralogistics system

Speed and flexibility with high cost efficiency are the success factors in horizontal and vertical conveying technology. We work with you to develop intelligent automation solutions for your systems – from small materials handling applications to complex logistics systems. And we will work with you to implement your success model - from the right drive design to energy-efficient solutions. On this basis, we have successfully implemented countless projects in warehouse and airport logistics in more than 70 years.

Move another step with us – discover digital engineering by Lenze

Already today we can offer you a continuous tool chain for your entire engineering process – from the initial idea to the commissioning and operation of your intralogistics system. We make automation as easy and efficient as possible: with end-to-end solutions, clear interfaces, and open standards.

Save time and money

Digital Engineering by Lenze makes your processes faster and more efficient, for example by

  • Engineering Tools, like the EASY Product Finder for the planning phase
  • Digital Services, like Asset Management for digital recording and managing of devices and components
  • Digital Solutions, like Condition Monitoring for real-time monitoring of systems and increasing plant availability

Consulting makes the difference

From this wide range of services, our experienced industry specialists will work with you to develop the best solution packages for your intralogistics tasks.

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Digital Engineering

Efficient end-to-end processes – from the initial idea to the commissioning and operation of the machine

  • Save time and money with digital services and digital twins
  • Efficient creation of an automation solution based on the machine function modules
  • Fast cost transparency by transferring the selected products to the EASY Product Finder
  • Faster creation of the PLC program through a PLC designer project prepared from the planning data

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring today and in the future

Collecting and interpreting the available data is already a sound way of monitoring the condition of machines. Lenze shows this approach at work in a simulation with the help of a digital twin.

  • The interpretation of the data is based on knowledge of the machine.
  • The real-time data are made available through the X4 Remote gateway.
  • For complex machines, we are showing a condition monitoring approach that uses artificial intelligence (AI).

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Asset Management

Creating a detailed digital record of devices and components and managing them digitally – the basis for the sustainably secure operation of machines and system

  • Fast and easy access to information relevant for service
  • Fewer processing errors thanks to a standardised database
  • Faster identification and elimination of faults
  • Faster replacement of defective devices
  • Secure backup of the machine configuration and firmware
  • Stocking of spare parts according to specific needs
  • Increased OEE and reduced process costs in service

Lenze Automation Platform

The right system solution for any machine

  • Scalability supports modular machine concepts and represents a sound investment.
  • Connectivity makes machine integration easy
  • Reusable software modules reduce the time and effort spent on development
  • Openness creates flexibility and greater leeway for decision-making
  • Integrated safety functions provide protection from accidents and interrupted production
  • IT meets OT: the new generation of controllers meets the increasing requirements of Industry 4.0

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Solutions package horizontal conveying

Speed and flexibility with high cost efficiency

Lenze Smart Motor: A single motor for many applications in horizontal conveyor technology.

  • The functionality of contactor, starter and FI are covered in one device
  • Up to 4 times overload reduces the variety of variants
  • Speed, motor protection, control – benefit from fast installation and wiring options
  • Freely adjustable conveyor speeds reduce risks in the project and minimise commissioning costs
  • There is no brake wear – the Lenze Smart Motor has integrated brakes, eliminating the working brake protects the mechanics and the material being conveyed
  • An integrated EcoMode saves costs for electricity and during commissioning and system operation

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Reduce costs by switching to decentralized drive solutions

Function and performance in the smallest of spaces.

Our solution is as simple as a contactor and offers many advantages:

  • Significantly smaller control cabinets
  • A significant reduction in cabling costs
  • A significant reduction in the number of drive versions
  • Reduced effort for engineering services during the planning phase
  • More standardization in drive components
  • Increased modularization of the complete system

A numerical example for a materials handling application:

With only six drives, a saving of 4,500 € in project costs and a further annual reduction in maintenance costs of almost 1,000 € could be achieved.

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Precisely fitting for container conveyor technology

The best solution for horizontal conveying of boxes and containers – the Lenze Smart g350-B geared motor.

Rely on the advantages of a standardized and tested solution for conveyed goods from 20 kg to 350 kg that can be used universally anywhere in the world:

  • Simple modification of the mechanical connection on site reduces thee number of drive versions
  • Reduced number of drive versions thanks to optimum oil (wide temperature range (-30 - + 40°C) and food-compatible lubricant)
  • Freely adjustable speed reduces variety of variants
  • Integrated soft start functionality
  • Reduced wiring due to electronic contactor and motor protection function
  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Operation with an NFC-enabled smartphone and Lenze App
  • Maintenance and wear-free for improved plant availability

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Use our solutions competence: we know the specific requirements in different target markets and we support major projects in warehouse and airport systems.

Solutions package storage and retrieval units

Realizes next generation storage and retrieval units

Thanks to our many years of experience in intralogistics, particularly in storage and retrieval applications, we can bring you a pioneering new package of solutions for AS/RSs.

Create your new next-generation storage and retrieval unit with the best features:

  • The intelligent AS/RS: the central control unit with all the data in one place reduces the time needed for engineering and commissioning
  • The safe AS/RS: the latest safety technology protects both people and the technology
  • The efficient AS/RS: energy is used intelligently and regenerated through feedback
  • The dynamic AS/RS: there is more power through innovative control technology and weight reductions

Use our solutions competence: we know the specific requirements in different target markets and we support major projects in warehouse and airport systems.

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