TechLink Software Version TL130M22

TechLink Software is a powerful Drive Configuration tool that works in the Microsoft Windows® environment.
TechLink supports all current drives manufactured by Lenze-AC Tech including the MC, SC, TC and SMV Series.
TechLink also provides a convenient interface with the EPM Programmer.
TechLink allows a drive program to be created off-line and to access the drive directly while connected over RS-485.
RS-485 supports several drives on one network but will require an RS-232 to RS-485 or USB to RS-485 converter for most personal computers.
TechLink also allows you to control the drive(s) from the computer, but this is intended for set-up assistance, not for general operation.
TechLink can also be connected to the EPM Programmer, using a standard serial cable or USB to RS-232 converter (the EPM Programmer is RS-232).
Lenze-AC Tech frequently updates the TechLink Program to keep current with our expanding product offering and upgrades to our existing lines.


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