PositionServo MotionView CD Software Version 6.07

This software file is intended for PositionServo drives using the MotionView CD technology

Tool for operating, parameterizing and diagnosing drive tasks

Alongside their actual drive tasks, drive systems in modern production lines are also performing technology functions of the production process.  With MotionView, you have access to an easily comprehensible and clearly structured tool for operating, parameterizing and diagnosing drive tasks.

  • Simple connectivity
  • Easy-to-use node tree for viewing and parameter editing
  • User-friendly way to upload, download and save parameter and indexer programs
  • Control the drive from a virtual main panel
  • Create custom motor files
  • Oscilloscope functions and signal capturing


  • MotionView V6.07 for all SimpleServo and PositionServo drives with firmware 3.60 and lower.

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