EDS - Device Description for Lenze Ethernet IP communication modules

By means of the EDS files (Electronic Data Sheet), which can be downloaded here, the Lenze communication modules for EthernetIP of the respective drive controller are inserted in the EthernetIP scanner configuration software of the PLC manufactorer.

System requirements:
The individual EDS files describe the implemented EthernetIP functionalities of the correspondeing communication modules. For the following communication modules EDS files are available:
  • 1_Servo_Inverter (Servo Drives 9400)
  • 2_Inverter_Drives (i550, 8400 StateLine, HighLine, TopLine, motec and protec)

Software installation:
Unpack the ZIP-file in any directory on your PC and integrate the EDS files in your EthernetIP configuration software.

Ethernet IP_EDS_V3_2.zip (12kB): EDS files V3.2

EtherNET/IP user organisation:

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