Current full version of L-force PLC Designer V2.6.3

The PLC Designer is the PLC programming system for creating applications on Lenze IPCs of the EL100, x700, x800 series and for the Lenze 9400 Servo PLC.
The PLC Designer allows PLC programmers to easily get started with the complex language structures of IEC 61131. The editor and debugging functions are based on the sophisticated development environments of high-level programming languages (such as Visual C++).

System requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (32 bit) as of SP3 / Windows® 7 / Windows® 8
  • Lenze Controller x700 and x800 as of firmware V2.x
  • Lenze Controller EL1xx
  • Lenze Servo Drives 9400 ServoPLC

For information on function extensions and fault eliminations compared to L-force PLC Designer V2.6.2, please see the Difference list.

Please note that additional L-force PLC Targets will be installed during installation:

  • Logic IPC Target Setup: Setup_L-force_Logic_x700_V7.06.05.exe, Setup_L-force_Motion_x800_V8.02.00.exe
  • Motion IPC Target Setup: Setup_L-force_Motion_x700_V7.06.05.exe, Setup_L-force_Logic_x800_V8.02.00.exe
  • EL 100 ECO Target Setup: Setup_L-force_Logic_EL100_ECO_V2.06.exe
  • EL 100 Target Setup: Setup_L-force_Logic_EL100_V1.09.exe
  • 9400 Servo PLC MM340 and MM440
    (see also 'L-force PC-based Automation -> PLC Designer Targets').
    If you have already installed a PLC Target with the same main version on your PC, the Target will be overwritten by the installation.

Software installation
How to install the full version of L-force PLC Designer V2.6.3:

  1. Save the (176 MB) file in an optional directory on your PC.
  2. Unpack the zip file into an optional directory on your PC.
  3. Exit the PLC Designer, if already started.
  4. Start the Lenze_L-force_PlcDesigner_2.6.3.7_setup.exe program and follow the installation instructions.
  5. With installation on operating system Microsoft® Windows® 7:
    After the installation of the PLC Designer restart the PC.

Further information