XDD-device description for Lenze ETHERNET Powerlink communication modules

By means of the XDD-files, which you can download here, you are able to contain the Lenze communication modules in the ETHERNET Powerlink configuration software.

System requirements:
The single XDD-files describe the implemented ETHERNET Powerlink functionalities of the corresponding communication modules. For the following communication modules XDD-files are available:
  • i550 ETHERNET Powerlink communication module for i550 Inverter Drives
  • E84DGFCR ETHERNET Powerlinkcommunication module for 8400 motec Inverter
  • E84AYCEC ETHERNET Powerlink communication module for 8400 Inverter Drives
  • E94AYCEx ETHERNET Powerlink MXI communication module for 9400 Servo Drives and TA CiA 402
  • EMF 2191IB ETHERNET Powerlink AIF-communication module for 8200 and 9300 vector inverter

Software installation:
Unpack the ZIP-file in any directory of your computer and insert the XML-files in the configuration software.

XDD_V1_13.zip (48 kB): XDD-file V1.13

Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group:

Important note:
This software is supplied to the user as described in this document. All risks resulting from its quality or use remain in the responsibility of the user. The user must provide all safety measures protecting against possible maloperations.
We do not take any liability for direct or indirect damage, e. g. profit loss, order loss or any loss regarding business.

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