GSE files for Lenze Profibus-DP communication modules


The Profibus-DP GSE files available in this download enable all Lenze communication modules to be integrated in different Profibus-DP configuration softwares (e. g. Step 7, TIA Portal). Corresponding files for the communication modules of the 9400, i550, 84xx and 82xx devices and the AIF and FIF interfaces can be downloaded.

System requirements:

Independent from the used PLC and profibus master hardware the GSD/GSE files describe conforming to the Lenze communication modules. According to the used PLC and profibus master hard- and software these files must be integrated in the corresponding configuration software.

Software installation:

Unpack the ZIP-file in any directory of your PC and integrate the GSD/GSE files according to the used profibus-DP configuration software. When you use the Siemens STEP 7 software the files will be installed by the software 'Hardware configuration', menu Extras and 'Install new GSE file...'.

Further helpful information:


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