EC dual-use regulation

What is the EC-Dual-Use Regulation?

The EC-Dual-Use Regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 821/2021) is an instrument applied by the European Community to control the export of goods, including data processing programs and technologies, that can be used for dual purposes. The Regulation defines the term "dual use" items as referring to goods that can be used for both civilian and military purposes.

Which inverters are not subject to export authorization?

i550 motec, i5xx cabinet, i5xx protec,
i750 cabinet,
i700 cabinet (from V02.10.12, August 2017),
i950 cabinet,
9400 HighLine (Type designation E94C...),
8400 Stateline (from V17.xx, June 2017),
8400 HighLine (from V17.xx, June 2017),
8400 TopLine (from V17.xx, June 2017)

Which inverters are subject to export authorization?

Series products:
9400 Highline (Type designation E94A... und E94B...)

Previous products:
ECS, 9300, 9300 PLC, 9300 vector, 8200 vector, 8200 motec

As a customized variant:
i750 cabinet, i700 cabinet, i950 cabinet,
8400 Stateline, 8400 Highline, 8400 Topline

What are the changes and what does this mean for the export of inverters?

The technical characteristics relevant for the export of frequency converters (Lenze refers to these as inverters) are indicated in No. 3A225 of Annex I of the above-named regulation. As a consequence of the changes in the technical characteristics specified there, the export controls for inverters have been expanded. This means that export authorization now has to be obtained for inverters that could previously be exported without authorization.

How do I know whether an inverter is subject to export authorization?

If a Lenze inverter is subject to export authorization, Lenze indicates this on all relevant business papers and documents (quotations, order and delivery documents etc.) by noting the following:

"Product subject to export authorization when shipping to countries outside the EC – Export List No. 3A225 (EC-Dual-Use Regulation)"

What customs tariff number does Lenze inverters have?

The customs tariff number for Lenze inverters is 85044095

Further questions?

If you have any further questions on this topic, your responsible contact person at Lenze will be happy to help you.

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