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Learn from these reference customer stories in the packaging industry what constitutes a partnership with Lenze.

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A joint development: Packaging machine for XOX by Wolf and Lenze

The form, fill and seal machine from the Wolf company has been developed to efficiently package snacks, sweets and other pourable foods. The entire drive and automation technology was created together with Lenze.

A joint development: Extruder retrofit for XOX by Lenze

Modernisations today can be planned and carried out during the machine operation phase, with scaled power modules within a tiered service model. The old extruder at XOX, manufacturer of baked snacks in Hamelin, was the centrepiece of the snack production, and Lenze has now updated its drive and control technology with modern servo and control technology.

A joint development: Cartoning machine by Citus Kalix and Lenze

Citus Kalix is a globally active manufacturer of packaging machines for the health and beauty industry. Its products include filling machines for mascara and lipstick as well as cartoning machines. Throughout the world, the company is known for the simplicity of its designs as well as the top quality and user-friendliness of the machines it makes - as the KV800 cartoner shown here demonstrates. This was created with the Lenze FAST Software System, which enabled speedy and easy development of the machine. For many years, Lenze has been supporting and working with Citus Kalix, helping the latter to develop new machines - in all phases of the engineering process and in other areas as well.

A joint development: Codian Robotics and Lenze

Codian Robotics develops Delta Pick & Place robots for industrial applications with highest quality and precision. At Interpack the company presents its latest robot which meets most demanding hygienic requirements - it is antibacterial and easy to clean. Codian Robotics and Lenze have been co-operating for many years.

A joint development: Cartoning machine by Mpac Langen and Lenze

Mpac Langen stand out as one of the most innovative manufacturers of secondary packaging machines. The company presented its latest development at interpack. Their MAESTRO™ cartoner meets highest requirements in terms of quality, accessibility, flexibility and hygienic design. Mpac Langen has been developing new machines jointly with Lenze for more than 20 years - during the entire engineering process.

A joint development: OMORI Europe and Lenze

When it comes to innovative packaging solutions OMORI is one of the leading machine manufacturers. At interpack Omori specialists will present their new extremely compact horizontal Flowpacker that was developed particularly for packaging small food and small or single portion packs. The company has been developing new machines jointly with Lenze for more than ten years - during the entire engineering process.

A joint development: Case packer by Wächter Packautomatik and Lenze

Wächter Packautomatik is a globally active specialist in the latest secondary packaging technology. Its level of innovation, development, experience, expertise and globalised way of thinking and acting make this family-run company a highly sought-after expert in secondary packaging systems. At interpack, Wächter will present a crate erecting machine for complex crates. The machine features Lenze technology from its controller to its servo technology. The highlight is that Wächter and Lenze have implemented a real Industry 4.0-era strategy: a cloud-based predictive maintenance concept.

A joint development: Beck Packautomaten and Lenze

Beck Packautomaten is an international company with a reputation as a specialist for the fully automatic packaging of various products in film wrapping, and for innovative and efficient film-packaging machines and shrink-wrap packaging lines. Together with Lenze, Beck Packautomaten develops drive solutions and fully integrated drive concepts.

A joint development: Robotik-Pack-Line and Lenze

Together with Lenze, Robotik-Pack-Line optimally meets the requirements of Industry 4.0. The Robotik-Pack-Line is a prime example of fruitful cooperation between big companies and small or medium-sized specialist firms. It has a modular structure and is put together individually, just as the customer requires. Thanks to Lenze's fully integrated control philosophy and IIS's automation technology, food producers can now pack 80 to 100 snack boxes a minute and fulfil customers' individual wishes on a fully automated line.

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