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Energy efficient with Lenze Blue Green Solutions

On the basis of a holistic consideration of the tasks involved, we show you how the energy efficiency of your drive applications can be increased with intelligent drive and automation technology. We also assist you regarding adherence to important standards and laws.

Three approaches are pursued in order to increase the energy efficiency of drives

1. Using electrical energy intelligently: as little as possible

  • Dimensioning according to needs
  • Controlled operation (frequency inverter)
  • Energy-efficient motion control

2. Converting energy with a high degree of efficiency

  • Components with a high degree of efficiency (motors, gearboxes)

3. Using recovered braking energy

  • Energy exchange between several drives
  • Temporary storage of braking energy
  • Regeneration of braking energy

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Efficient drive sizing with Drive Solution Designer (DSD)

Intelligent drive sizing is a prerequisite for an exactly dimensioned and therefore small-as-possible drive solution with just the right components. Thanks to Drive Solution Designer (DSD), potential energy savings can be seen at a glance and are documented in the Energy Performance Certificate. A clear comparison of different solutions is also made easy.

The reason is that DSD incorporates extensive and useful dimensioning knowledge – with solidly based drive-application know-how relating to such aspects as drive physics, drive variants or energy efficiency. Drive dimensioning takes place on the basis of calculations with individual process data such as speed profiles and takes into account the complete drive structure for the requirements of the machine.

In our DSD training course, we familiarise you with this engineering tool and show you how easy it is to actually use in practice.