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From idea to production

​In the age of Industry 4.0, machine builders and producers are facing great challenges. Digital transformation depends on the closer linkage of available data – not only during ongoing production, but already during the development of machines and systems. Digital Engineering von Lenze provides options and tools available for this that can be advantageously integrated into existing processes.

Discover Digital Engineering from Lenze​

Take the path of digital transformation in the design and development of machines as well. We make automation as simple and efficient as possible and already offer you a continuous tool chain for your entire engineering process. With end-to-end solutions, clear interfaces and the use of standards.​

All topics at a glance?


Are you designing a new generation of machines or would you like to further develop an existing concept? We will show you how you can use the digital twin, virtual commissioning and a modular software toolbox for a wide range of applications to make your entire engineering process consistently efficient and take into account aspects of functional safety technology right from the start.​


Machine builders and machine operators need modern and future-oriented concepts! We present solutions for machine visualization with optimal "user experience" as well as open system solutions in a scalable automation platform. Smart servo axes take over motion control with IIoT functions and decentralized inverters solve corresponding use cases in harsh environments. And we also have the answers and the right product for the Ecodesign Directive.​


Permanently safe, with a comprehensive overview, no matter where you are! The requirements for the operation of machines and plants are high. We offer you possibilities to easily keep an eye on the “state of health” with condition monitoring as well as solutions for remote service and remote maintenance. We rely on devices that merge IT and OT worlds and digital service concepts such as asset management including simple integration into the EPLAN development environment.​

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