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Efficient software engineering

Modular software toolbox Lenze FAST

Challenges and the digital transformation

Fewer development resources but greater flexibility, increased customisation and greater productivity - the market environment and customer expectations in the field of mechanical engineering are challenging.

That is precisely why an efficient engineering process is becoming increasingly digital and software-driven innovation is the key to success. More than ever, mechanical engineers need to focus on machine software in order to be successful.

Efficient software engineering with Lenze FAST

Our modular software system, the FAST Application Software Toolbox, makes it easy for you to increase the efficiency of your software engineering.

The ready-made and tested technology modules make it easier to implement machine functionalities and help you with software modularisation and standardisation. This significantly reduces the required development time. You will be able to bring machines to market faster and more cost-effectively. Ensured quality.

Experience creates the future

The FAST technology contains our knowledge from the implementation of thousands of applications, from which you can easily benefit. You can be sure that we always have the future in mind so we can provide you with the best possible support on your way to the digital future.

For better software quality, the technology modules can easily be reused. They can be implemented directly or form the basis for the development of custom modules, thus allowing a machine to be programmed efficiently. The Application Template provides a structured programming layout.


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A reliable partner at your side

Lenze's FAST Application Software Toolbox makes it possible for you to better control the cost and complexity of software development. At the same time, you can be confident that you have a reliable partner and the right tools at your side. We help you and your team be successful in the age of Industry 4.0.

Simple implementation of machine functionalities

We are convinced that reusing software modules leads to increased security, better quality and a optimised resource management in software engineering. That is why we create an environment with the FAST Application Software Toolbox to simply reuse existing and tested code or to develop new functionalities based on this code. At the same time, the comprehensibility and thus the ease of maintenance of your software code increases.

Satisfied customers speak for themselves: References

In line with your individual requirements and ideas, we provide you with comprehensive support in every phase of your engineering process. Lenze experts implement more than 1,000 machine automations per year worldwide!

A few selected reference projects:

Packaging industry

  • Wolf und XoX: Packaging machine
  • Citus Kalix: Filling plant
  • Codian Robotics: Delta Pick and Place Robot
  • Mpac Langen: Horizontal cartoning machine
  • Omori: Horizontal FlowPacker
  • Wächter: Cardboard box erector

Converting and printing industry

  • Mann Engineering: Laminating and coating line
  • SMAG Graphique: Winding machine for labels