Annual Report 2021/22

Preface by the Executive Board

Dear readers,

“The Courage of Change” is the motto for our anniversary in the 75th year of our company’s history. It is the courage to change that has made us what we are today: pacesetters in automation, enablers of more sustainability in production and digitalization partners for our customers. 2022 is a special year for Lenze. We are celebrating our company’s 75th birthday and we are proud to have recorded the company’s best result ever.

Incoming orders increased by almost 50 percent to 1.1 billion euros. Group revenue rose by 21 percent to 832.6 million euros (previous year: 690.7 million euros). Operating earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) came to 91.8 million euros (previous year: 47.1 million euros), a clear improvement on the plans. The EBIT margin came to 11 percent (previous year: 6.8 percent). Our equity ratio, which was already very strong, increased again to 63.1 percent (previous year: 61.6 percent).

Courage, innovation, collaboration – the future

As these figures show, we are in an outstanding position. The world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, VUCA for short. In this dynamic environment we keep finding new answers for the concerns of our customers. This is because we have the courage to change, and a strategy for new forms of collaboration and for further growth.

The companies that will be successful in the future are those that react rapidly to changes in the markets, that dare to try new things and step out of their comfort zones. Partnership today and tomorrow means something different from what it meant yesterday. The key words are cooperation and collaboration, or even co-creation. The more complex the challenges and the faster the change, the more we need cooperation – and this cooperation really has to start at an earlier stage and become much closer and more agile, taking place between suppliers and customers, between individual departments within the company, between business and science.

In the 2021/2022 financial year, Lenze created forward-looking places for collaboration. One example is the Mechatronic Competence Campus (MCC) at the Extertal site. Opening in autumn 2022, this is the beating heart of Lenze mechatronics. Right from the start, the aim is to bring together all the company’s know-how – this is how we can become even faster at creating the drive solutions made of mechanics, electronics and software that our customers need in order to beat the competition. Our Digital Hub Industry in Bremen has also been making innovative forms of cooperation possible since summer 2022. Here, in close collaboration with the University of Bremen, we offer small and medium-sized machine manufacturing companies an ecosystem for discussion, collecting ideas, experimenting and collaborating. After all, the creation of new and really useful digital services and business models begins with interaction.

Digitalization and sustainability – hand in hand

Machine manufacturing requires the coordinated use of comprehensively digitized processes and applications. Industry increasingly has to make a bigger contribution to energy efficiency and CO2 savings. This is Lenze’s starting point: we help our customers to develop sustainable production processes – through digitalization. Specifically, this is about smart data: we interpret machine data with our domain knowledge. In this way, we can precisely map out the energy requirements of a machine and reduce energy consumption by up to an average of 30 percent. Automation is the key to a better future for everyone.

75 years and more

Even in these turbulent times, we feel the strong tailwind from our 75-year success story. As an independent and financially stable family company, we see ourselves as being well equipped to deal with what is to come, and we are using the momentum from our positive business development.

With our Mission 2025 growth strategy, we are cementing our position as a leading automation expert for the machine manufacturing industry. As a sustainable, reliable partner for our global customers, we are continuing to develop our systems business and to build agile structures in value creation. Our outstanding range of services and solutions for machine automation enables us to focus increasingly on growth opportunities in the USA and China in addition to our home market in Europe.

We would like to extend our warm thanks to all Lenzians worldwide who have embraced our “One Lenze” culture, pulling together and repeatedly demonstrating the courage to change. And last but not least, our special thanks go to our customers and partners. Your trust is the motor that drives us forward.

Best regards

Christian Wendler                            Dr. Achim Degner                      Frank Maier

(Chief Executive Officer)                 (Chief Financial Officer)             (Chief Technology Officer)

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