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From idea to production.

Intelligent and connected – moving towards the smart factory.

Discover digital engineering by Lenze

Already today we can offer you a continuous tool chain for your entire engineering process.
We make automation as easy and efficient as possible: with end-to-end solutions, clear interfaces, and open standards.

  • EASY: The right software tool for every task
  • FAST: Efficient software engineering thanks to ready-made software modules.
  • Lenze: Excellent advice from the planning stage through to aftersales.

Heading into the future

Move another step closer to the smart factory and take the digital transformation route in your development and construction of machines. Lenze's digital engineering accelerates the process of achieving Industry 4.0.

Lenze Automation Platform

The right system solution for any machine

  • Scalability supports modular machine concepts and represents a sound investment.
  • Connectivity makes machine integration easy
  • Reusable software modules reduce the time and effort spent on development
  • Openness creates flexibility and greater leeway for decision-making
  • Integrated safety functions provide protection from accidents and interrupted production
  • IT meets OT: the new generation of controllers meets the increasing requirements of Industry 4.0

Digital Engineering

Efficient end-to-end processes – from the initial idea to the commissioning and operation of the machine

  • Save time and money with digital services and digital twins
  • Efficient creation of an automation solution based on the machine function modules
  • Fast cost transparency by transferring the selected products to the EASY Product Finder
  • Faster creation of the PLC program through a PLC designer project prepared from the planning data

Asset Administration Shell

Heading towards Industry 4.0

The Asset Administration Shell (AAS) is not just some theoretical concept, it provides genuine support in industrial automation. This is precisely what customers can see in operation at the Lenze stand, live.

  • The AAS collects the relevant data for every asset, e.g. descriptions of the mechanical and electrical properties, documentation and certificates, software, description of performance.
  • This pool of information serves as a basis for the applications within the framework of Industry 4.0 and it must therefore meet certain standards.
  • No Industry 4.0 without AAS: the end-to-end use of data is made possible by the Lenze EASY System Designer.

Plug & Produce

Modularisation and connectivity in software and hardware creates flexible solutions for tomorrow’s production lines

  • Reduction in costs and time spent on integration
  • Greater flexibility and versatility in the production systems
  • New approach for the modularisation of lines and systems

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring today and in the future

Collecting and interpreting the available data is already a sound way of monitoring the condition of machines. Lenze shows this approach at work in a simulation with the help of a digital twin.

  • The interpretation of the data is based on knowledge of the machine.
  • The real-time data are made available through the X4 Remote gateway.
  • For complex machines, we are showing a condition monitoring approach that uses artificial intelligence (AI).

Asset Management

Creating a detailed digital record of devices and components and managing them digitally – the basis for the sustainably secure operation of machines and system

  • Fast and easy access to information relevant for service
  • Fewer processing errors thanks to a standardised database
  • Faster identification and elimination of faults
  • Faster replacement of defective devices
  • Secure backup of the machine configuration and firmware
  • Stocking of spare parts according to specific needs
  • Increased OEE and reduced process costs in service

Sorting cell with a highly dynamic double delta robot

Complete solution with the Lenze automation system

  • From the gearbox and the control all the way up to the cloud
  • Robotics, motion and logic in one control system
  • With condition monitoring and OEE analysis
  • Operation and monitoring by means of a tablet
  • End-to-end development along a digital twin 

The new i550 inverter

i550 protec for decentralised use

The i550 protec is really tough. Thanks to the high protection class IP 66 it is optimally equipped for demanding applications.

  • Whether conditions are dusty or wet, it can handle it all without any problems.
  • Its housing protects the technology inside - the performance is consistently good
  • Because it is so compact, decentralised solutions are now possible where previously only control cabinet variants were available
  • As the first decentralised inverter on the market, it fulfils the IO-Link standard and thus facilitates series commissioning
  • The i550 protec is available up to 75 kW

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